WASH CARE INSTRUCTIONS



  1. Do not bleach, instead use a mild detergent to wash.
  2. Do not iron on stitches, seams, trims or embellishments as high temperatures may cause them to open.
  3. Do not soak the fabric for more than 30 minutes as it might lead to colour loss and cause damage to the
  4. You can machine wash but do not wring the
  5. Do not use brushes to wash the cloth as it will damage the fabric and the
  6. Do not leave the iron on one place for a long time as it might lead to discoloration and damage to the
  7. Do not iron on prints.
  8. Machine wash in cold
  9. Tumble dry / Air dry in shade or little exposure to
  10. Fabric might lead to initial colour loss, hence wash separately.
  11. Use warm heat to



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