Idea behind Befykar

“Shop, Befykar hoke…”

Being driven by creativity, the idea of Befykar represents the spirit of young generation. At Befykar, we consider fashion choices as our prime focus, while we aimto serve a diverseexperience to our customers. Our firm beliefs about the spontaneous mindset make the wayforus to align the literal meaning of Befykar in our fashion statement. The replica of theunpretentious personalities of the youngsters is at the nucleus of Befykar. Our brand not just setsthe ideal platform for online shopping, it gives the liberty to shop, “Befykar hoke…”

Who We Are

Befykar is an e-commerce based online shopping platform that represents the spontaneityoffashion choices. With unique and original designs and a series of products in terms of fashionand accessories, we look forward to designing our products with the latest trends. As a brand, wefocus on creating products that reflect the style, choice and personality of the youngsters. Everything we produce and create; no matter what we introduce to you, our main goal istoensure that you can pamper yourself "Befykar hoke..."

What Makes Us Different

Befykar is committed to maintaining the integrity and vitality of its brand while buildingabusiness related to the ever-changing market and consumer tastes. The simplistic impulse behindBefykar involves foresight, hard work and perseverance. Befykar's credo is to provide the youthswith the best, because nothing is more important to us than satisfying our customers. Theprimary value of Befykar reflects the passion to create the fashion choices that represent youngsouls and imitate their thoughts and personalities. We use a coordinated way to integrateourbrand idea and value reciprocating with the consumers' choices and responses, soastodifferentiate ourselves.

Makers behind Befykar

Our two founders, Mr. Abhishek Teri and Mr. Shuvra Kumar Podder, their ideas randomlymet in the common ground, successfully establishing the notion of Befykar.

“As a part of the current young generation, I feel like there is a casually adventurous journeyinfinding something more in your shopping experience.” - Mr. Abhishek Teri (Founder, Befykar)

“For me, fashion is a way to express yourself. The designs do not just represent the brand, theyrepresent who wears it.” - Mr. Shuvra Kumar Podder (Co-founder, Befykar)

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